Electrical Testers

  1. Wet Sponge Tester

    Wet Sponge Tester is used for the detection of pinholes with non-conductive coating and conductive substrate. It is a non destructive method for finding discontinuities in a coating film. When used with low voltage method, this tester is suitable for powder coatings without any damage to them. It works on the principle of wet sponge method having the ability to detect cracks and damaged areas. This tester automatically finds the conductive path penetrated by wetting agent and produces an audible alarm. 
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  2. Pinhole Detectors

    Pinhole Detectors use moist sponge that moves over the coating, where liquid present gets penetrated into the detected pinhole and produces alarm. They are provided with automatic sensitivity calibration feature, low battery indicator, easy release snag proof cables, and visual & audible alarm. These detectors are utilized to prevent premature coating failure and corrosion. They can also be availed with the working principle of UV, where fluorescing additive is applied on the surface which shines under flashlight at the damaged area.
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  3. Spark Tester

    Spark Tester is used by disconnecting high tension lead to the spark plug and then it is installed at the end of the lead. It is an engine ignition diagnostic tool to assure proper spark & continuity of the ignition circuit. This tester is based on the principle of electrical magneto coil system which checks the integrity of electrical ignition. It is comprised of an alligator clip and a spark gap which provides final result.
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